We are looking for a survey company in Argentina and/or Morocco!

The MOBILISE project ( invites interested parties to reply and apply our tender call – through which will be selecting the sociological/survey company/ies that will carry out our Nationally Representative Panel (two wave) Surveys in Argentina and Morocco! Proposals can be for both of the countries or for one. We note that this aspect of the MOBILISE project is being run by French PI Dr. Sorana Toma and that the tender is published on the French platform for public auctions: . But we note that companies that are not based in France and those who do not use French are also invited to apply with proposals.


Steps for interested parties:

  1. Go online to the link
  2. Click on ” Dossier de consultation – 2,8 Mo”. 
  3. This should take you to 
  4. Fill in their personal details – make sure to detail if not from france by checking off “Entreprise non établie en France ou ne disposant pas d’un SIREN/SIRET”
  5. Check the box – that they agree to the rules of the system “Je reconnais avoir pris connaissance des conditions générales d’utilisation de la plateforme de dématérialisation et je les accepte.”
  6. Press “Valider”
  7. Click on Cliquez sur le bouton suivant pour télécharger le Dossier de consultation dans son intégralité” and a folder with the whole call details will download. English versions will have a suffix of EN in the file name. 
  8. You will then hav etc. follow the details on how to fill out the online forms.
  9. Questions can be asked via the portal – these will be answered in both English and in French.

Companies have until the 1st of October to make their offers (35 working days). 


Don’t hesitate to circulate the link among potentially interested parties. The technical aspects of the documentation are in both English and French (though not the administrative rules but hopefully google translate will help those who do not know French). 

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