1. Roundtable at  2019 APSA Annual Meeting (Presentations by: Sasse, Doyle, Onuch, Whitehead, Vieira, Meseguer)
  2. “What Questions Should We Ask When We Study Protest Comparatively: Assessing Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups and Social Media Based Research of Protesters”, A CAPRN and MOBILISE Project Workshop, University of Manchester, Friday June 7 -8, 2019
  3. “Ukrainian Elections” (1st presentation of MOBILISE findings), ASN, Columbia University, USA, May 2, 2019 (Presentation by Onuch)
  4. UK Launch of  MOBILISE: “Capturing Mobilization in Crisis Contexts: Migration and Protest in Ukraine, Brazil & Venezuela”, Nuffield College, February 8, 2019 (Presentations by Onuch, Green, Whitehead, Meseguer)
  5. Migration and Political Engagement: A Manchester Migration Lab Workshop, University of Manchester,  June 9 -10, 2017 (organized by Onuch and Wilcock, Presentations by: Doyle, Ersanilli, Meseguer, Onuch & Toma)
  6. Exit and Voice Grant Writing Workshop, Nuffield College, The University of Oxford, May 2016 (organized by Onuch)
  7. Proof-of concept and pump-priming workshop,  The University of Oxford,  June 18-19, (organized by Onuch and Toma, Presentations by: Sasse, Doyle, Onuch & Toma)

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