MOBILISE hosts regular workshops, panels, roundtables and meetings.

  1. “The Power of Images and Mass Mobilisation in Belarus” (ZOiS Forum online). December 15, 2020. (Sasse) 
  2. Jordan Center NYU and Harriman Center at Columbia,  ‘New York City-Russia Public Policy Series,’ “Belarus: Looking Forward and Looking East to Russia” December 8, 2020 (Onuch and Herasimenka)
  3. CAPRN, Kings, ZOiS Panel. “Protest in Poland: Popular Opposition, Women’s Rights, & PiS” November 24, 2020. (Goldstein) 
  4. Harvard Ukrainian Institute, “From ‘Glory to Ukraine’ to ‘Long Live Belarus’”, November 2020 (Onuch)
  5. Munk School of Global Affairs, CERES, University of Toronto “Belarus on the Edge”, August 26, 2020. (Onuch)
  6. Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Belarusian Canadian Alliance, “Special Briefing on Belarus,” August 21, 2020. (Onuch)
  7. CAPRN, Kings, ZOiS Panel “Belarus Rising: The Roots and Routes of Revolution.” August 20, 2020 (Onuch, Herasimenka, Robertson, and Chernish).
  8.  “The Ukraine Side of Impeachment”. New York City Russia Public Policy Series, Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia, NYU and the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, NYC, USA. 01/23/2020 (Onuch)–from-the-ukrainian-perspective–jan–23-panel-disc.html
  9. Roundtable at  2019 APSA Annual Meeting (Presentations by: Doyle, Onuch, Sasse, Vieira, Whitehead)
  10. “What Questions Should We Ask When We Study Protest Comparatively: Assessing Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups and Social Media Based Research of Protesters”, A CAPRN and MOBILISE Project Workshop, University of Manchester, Friday June 7 -8, 2019
  11. “Ukrainian Elections” (1st presentation of MOBILISE findings), ASN, Columbia University, USA, May 2, 2019 (Presentation by Onuch)
  12. UK Launch of  MOBILISE: “Capturing Mobilization in Crisis Contexts: Migration and Protest in Ukraine, Brazil & Venezuela”, Nuffield College, February 8, 2019 (Presentations by Onuch, Green, Whitehead, Meseguer)
  13. Migration and Political Engagement: A Manchester Migration Lab Workshop, University of Manchester,  June 9 -10, 2017 (organized by Onuch and Wilcock, Presentations by: Doyle, Ersanilli, Meseguer, Onuch & Toma)
  14. Exit and Voice Grant Writing Workshop, Nuffield College, The University of Oxford, May 2016 (organized by Onuch)
  15. Proof-of concept and pump-priming workshop,  The University of Oxford,  June 18-19, (organized by Onuch and Toma, Presentations by: Sasse, Doyle, Onuch & Toma)

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