Peer reviewed articles

Onuch, O. (Forthcoming). “European Ukrainians & Their Fight Against Russian Invasion.” Nations and Nationalism.

Onuch, O., & Sasse G. (2022). “Anti-Regime Action and Geopolitical Polarization: Understanding Protester Dispositions in Belarus.” Post-Soviet Affairs.

Onuch, O., & Sasse G. (2022). “The Belarus Crisis: People, Protest and Political Dispositions.” Post-Soviet Affairs.

Onuch, O., & Arkwright C. (2021) . “Ukrainian Youth on Europe: A cohort analysis of the drivers of attitudes towards the EU.” Demokratizatsiya.

News and Blogs

Onuch, O., & Hale H. (2022). “The Zelenskyy Effect.” Toronto Star Op Ed. (With Hale).

Onuch, O., & Perez Sandoval, J. (2022). “A majority of Ukrainians support joining NATO. Does this matter?” The Washington Post Monkey Cage. 

Onuch, O.,Herasimenka, A., & Bedford, S. (2021). “Belarus’s hijacking isn’t a show of strength. It’s a sign of weakness.” The Washington Post Monkey Cage.

Onuch  (2020). Belarus Rises: Four Months and Counting. ZOiS Spotlight (46/2020). 16 December 2020.

Goldstein, Szczygielska (2020). Three keywords to better understand the Polish abortion protests. ZOiS Spotlight (41/2020). 11 November 2020.

HerasimenkaLokot Onuch and Wijermars (2020). There’s More to Belarus’s ‘Telegram Revolution’ Than a Cellphone App. Monkey Cage: Washington Post. September 11, 2020

Onuch, Sasse, Hale, Kulyk and Santos (2020). Will The Protesters Return? Civil Disobedience In The Time Of Covid-19. Political Violence At A Glance Blog

Onuch and Santos (2020). “¿Volveremos A Las Calles? Disposición A Protestar Durante La Pandemia.” [Return to the Streets?: The Disposition to Protest Durring a Pandemic]. Agenda Publica. El Pais. Google translated English version.

Policy Briefs

Onuch (2020). “A year of somehow getting things done.” in Reichardt and Stępniewski (2020). Policy Paper 1/2020: “Zelenskyy’s Ukraine One Year Later: A Western Perspective.” Instytut Europy Środkowej.

Working papers

Bodini, A., Ersanilli, E. F., & Van Stekelenburg, J. (2022). Mobilization trajectories as a tool to study migration and protest intentions: An illustration from Morocco. International Migration Institute Working Paper 175.

Data reports

Ersanilli, E. & Van der Gaag, M. (2022). “Data report: online surveys. Wave 2 & Polish 2021 online survey“.  MOBILISE working papers.

Ersanilli, E. & Van der Gaag, M. (2020). “Data report: online surveys. Wave 1” MOBILISE working papers.

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